‘Paws’ Brings Horror To Bear Deep In The Frozen Arctic

by Thomas Tuna

She’s meaner than the average bear.

Paws–a new “eco-horror” feature–will be pitched at Frontieres in Cannes next month, according to a report in Variety. Check out the promotional poster for the pic on this page.

The film–from writer/director Lukas Rinker–follows a young scientist, Nook, who is on board a research ship in the Arctic that’s being funded by reformed oil billionaire Fox. Just as Nook learns that Fox’ goals are not to save the planet, but to claim new oil fields, the ship crashes.

Looking for a way to radio for help, the crew searches an abandoned Russian ghost-ship–but uncovers “a horrific threat,” according to the synopsis.

“A monstrous polar bear mother has been trapped in the rusting ship with her cub. And not only will the animal defend her nest, but she has grown hungry–and will seize this opportunity to feed on the surviving crew members.”

Rinker–who used animatronics (instead of CGI) to bring the polar bear to life–said he loves the horror genre, and thought the icy landscape would work well in this area. “Bring trapped on an ice field with no help in sight, freezing temperatures and a looming, hungry monster seemed very horrifying to me,” he said.

“And from the bear’s perspective,” Rinker added, “having your habitat exploited and melted away–with nothing you can do against these greedy intruders–is also horrific.”

With no word yet on a release window, keep reading Horror News Network for further updates on Paws.


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