Paul W.S. Anderson Eyes Return To “Full-On Horror” Movies

by Thomas Tuna

The filmmaker behind Resident Evil wants to get his hands bloody again.

Anderson–who counts the Resident Evil franchise, Event Horizon, Monster Hunter and Alien vs. Predator among his genre triumphs–recently said he would like to return to those “gory” days.

The director–in an interview with Variety–said he has definite plans to return to his horror roots. “I’m actually planning to do a kind of straight horror movie in the near future,” he said. “It’s something I’ve always been interested in.”

Anderson remarked that his career “has gone more in an action direction, but it’s always been kind of scary action. I’ve always tried for some great jumps, even in the PG-13 movies I’ve made.”

But, he added, “I would like to embrace doing a more full-on horror movie, absolutely. One that works more on a psychological level. A return to what Event Horizon was.”

Event Horizon–the 1997 horror-s/f film directed by Anderson from a screenplay by Philip Eisner–follows a crew of astronauts in the year 2047 on a rescue mission to find a missing starship, the Event Horizon. What they discover is that the ship is a test bed for an experimental engine that created a rift in the space-time continuum and left our universe–allowing a malevolent force to possess it.

The film was an initial commercial and critical failure, but has since built a loyal cult following in the intervening years.

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