Horror News Network Exclusive: ‘Past Tense’ Preview

by Rob Caprilozzi

Imagine sending a camera back in time so that you can view certain things as they occur. If you like serial killers and that concept.. read on..

Jason McNamara and Dark Horse Comics will bring readers all that and more with their upcoming trade paperback Past Tense.

The synopsis of the series is as follows:

Ashley is a tour guide at PAST TENSE, a company that sends camera drones into the past to view history’s most depraved events. When Ashley discovers Silas Green, an unknown serial killer working in the past, she begins hosting “exclusive” tours of his murders. The only problem? Silas is still alive in the present. And when he learns of his newfound infamy, he is inspired to come out of retirement to make Ashley his final victim: Now and forever.

“To me, horror works best when it reflects real-world concerns,” says Jason McNamara, “if we have a modern bogeyman, it is our loss of privacy. I wanted to couple that with my fascination with unsolved mysteries. What if we could send a hidden camera back through time, not to change history, but to view it as it truly occurred?

I believe that we, like Ashley, would eventually stumble across a secret best left undiscovered. ”

Have a look at the preview below and stay tuned to Horror News Network for more on Past Tense.

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