Original Filmmakers Behind ‘Ghoulies’ Franchise Want Reboot

by Thomas Tuna

The writer and director of the 1985 cult classic Ghoulies want to “get you in the end” again.

Writer/director Luca Bercovici and co-writer Jefery Levy apparently have never really moved on from those hideous little creatures they created more than three decades ago, according to MovieWeb.

The proposed comeback–in the form of a complete reboot–is altogether possible, and the creative team is calling on all horror fans to rally behind the effort and help persuade Sony Pictures to allow them to perform their Silver Screen magic one more time.

Bercovici explained the thinking behind this talk of a reboot. “An entire generation of kids grew up with Ghoulies,” he wrote. “Ghoulies reach was–and is–legendary. ‘They will get you in the end’ has resonated through the decades.”

The director added that “although there were very dark themes at play in Ghoulies, the Ghoulies themselves were fun, accessible, largely without guile. Unabashedly, they were what they were: primal little creatures, not inherently evil, but who absorbed the characteristics of their ‘master’.”

The creatures, he wrote, were “like children–disgusting, green and slimy–but weirdly cute. Children with their own warped sense of humor.”

The four movies have a large following, he added, a “legion of old fans and a whole generation of new fans (who) crave for a new Ghoulies for the new millennium.”

The filmmakers are asking these fans to post on social media and write emails to Sony, letting them know their desires.

Looking back at the horror franchise, the storyline of the original film followed a college student who uncovered his late father’s paraphernalia in his mansion and tried to summon demonic forces in the hope of gaining supernatural powers. What he got (of course) were little Ghoulies that descended on the mansion and terrorized everyone within.

That movie was followed in 1988 with Ghoulies II, in 1991 with Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College (honest!) and in 1994 with Ghoulies IV.

Is there a reboot in the offing? Keep reading Horror News Network for any updates on this “ghoulish” effort.

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