Official Trailer Revealed for ‘Resurrectionist’

by Rob Caprilozzi

Farmer Vision Media is proud to present the trailer for their upcoming horror webseries Resurrectionist. Resurrectionist is 25-part series adapted from the classic suspense novella The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by H.P. Lovecraft. Resurrectionist takes Lovecrafts original work and translates it to modern day, as well as adapting the narrative to touch on other aspects of his famous Dream Cycle. The story follows Dr.Marina Willett (Mikaela Dyke), a psychiatric resident in Providence, RI, as she treats and investigates her friend Charles Dexter Ward whos become dangerously obsessed with his familys dark past. The series is told through Willetts taped testimony, as she trys to clear her name in the investigation into Charles disappearance. She has compiled a narrative of found footage cobbled together from Charles video blogs, old films clips hes restored, their taped sessions together and her own investigations. Writer/Director Cameron Maitland says he chose ‘The Case of Charles Dexter Ward because: “The novella offers a unique depth and breadth compared to many of Lovecrafts works. Told in multiple formats and exploring so many dark corners of his universe, it creates a fun playground to mix styles of filmmaking and explore cinematic history as we tell the dark tale of Ward and his evil ancestor Joseph Curwen” One episode the audience may sit down to a webcam-facing video blog, the next a strange clip from a 1960s 8mm home movie and then a modern news report following the path of Charles similar destruction. Through these changing formats we hope to create a comprehensive adaptation of Lovecrafts work doing justice to the complexity of his narrative and allowing the terror to shine through. Throughout March, Farmer Vision is promoting this video to gain attention and support as they head into full production.

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