Official Trailer for Indie Horror Film ‘The Evil Down the Street’ Released

by Sean McLaughlin

CRA Entertainment and Indie Rights today released the official trailer for the new horror thriller, The Evil Down the Street.  The film will premiere on Amazon Prime later this week.  The full trailer can be seen below.

The Evil Down the Street, inspired by true events, follows a family as they move into their dream home only to uncover the house’s terrifying secret.  A demon begins plaguing them, forcing each to fight as their mother Katie Ryan (Alena Gerard) falls victim to possession.  The film also stars Kelton Jones, Tara Milante and Craig Ahrens (who also produced and co-wrote the script.)

Directed by David J. Espinosa (upcoming film The Crumbs), The Evil Down the Street had a run on the film festival circuit after wrapping production late last year.  A bidding war for distribution occurred in March, with Indie Rights ultimately coming out on top.

Look for the full movie to premier later this week on Amazon Prime, but in the meantime check out the official trailer now!



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