Norman Reedus Opens Up About ‘Daryl Dixon’ Spinoff Series

by Thomas Tuna

Sounds like Daryl has une dilemme in France.

The dilemma, according to Norman Reedus, stems from the fact that his character–Daryl Dixon–has been plopped down in France in his The Walking Dead spinoff series–and he doesn’t know the language.

Daryl Dixon–the upcoming AMC series that continues the zombie escapades of the recently ended TWD juggernaut–is currently shooting in Paris. No exact 2023 debut fate has yet been announced.

Reedus–recently joined in the cast by Clemence Poesy and Adam Nagaitis–told Entertainment Weekly that his character is at a loss when he finds himself in post-apocalyptic France in the new series. “Somehow, I get put there,” he said. “And I don’t go there of my own free will.”

In the show–led by showrunner David Zabel and executive producer Angela Kang–Reedus must deal with the fact that “people are speaking French around me, and part of my story is me trying to figure out, ‘Is this good or bad? Are we about to get into a fight or are we friends right now?'”

Reedus explained that in one of the stories, his character is “trying to read lips with a language I don’t understand. And I’m reading body language and reading tone. I’m reading all sorts of things, and it’s confusing, but I’m figuring it out.”

But, he added, “how do I get to the next step? It’s all part of the story. It’s weird, but that’s the show we’re making. So, it’s working really well.”

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