No Presents for ‘Black Christmas’ at Weekend Box Office

by Nick Banks

Sometimes you just don’t get the gifts you want around the holiday season, and sometimes you get a pair of cheap socks or a fruitcake mixed with concrete.  Unfortunately, the producers of Black Christmas received the later, as the new take on the 1970’s original opened with an estimated $4.5 million at the weekend box office.

Even though awareness of Black Christmas on social media platforms was reportedly high, the yuletide slasher movie did not connect with the intended young horror audience that the film was marketed to.  Not only did most of the target audience stay home, those that witnessed the Universal Pictures Black Christmas gave the film an abysmal D+ on Cinemascore and a 29% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics were somewhat kinder to Black Christmas on Rotten Tomatoes (it currently sits at a mediocre 43%), and top critics even gave the film some candy in its stocking with a 63% fresh rating (granted that it was only 13 out of the total critic pool of 60).

With a production budget of $5 million before marketing costs, Universal will be lucky to break even, as Black Christmas will most likely disappear from theaters right after the Christmas holiday.

Stay tuned for the Winter Horror News Network Movie Preview to get you through the cold, long months of January and February right after the new year.

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