Ninja Vs. Zombie Wave 2 Bobble Budds

Leading toy manufacturer Multiverse Studio Inc. today announced the latest addition to the Bobble Budds® adorable stable of unique and colorful figures! Everyone’s favorite silent assassin and undead brain-eater have new companions, in the form of Patient Zero and Stabby the Ninja. Patient Zero (Pat) is the zombie that started the undead pandemic. Nobody knows who he was, where he came from, what his goals, his hopes or dreams were, or where that big nasty gash on his arm came from, except for those closest to him. Too bad their brains were the first ones he ate after reanimating in Central City Hospital because they were in fact, closest to him, literally. In any case, we call him Pat, because nobody has objected to that name, especially him. If you happen to spot Pat, or any of his undead friends for that matter, you are advised to keep a wide berth. You don't want to catch something from him, or much worse, him to catch you. Stabby the Ninja is the twin sister of Sneaky the Ninja and the competitive one of the duo. Tasked by her clan to eliminate the undead outbreak, Stabby dedicates her every waking moment to the cause. While not as stealthy as her brother, Stabby is extremely lethal with edged weapons and relentlessly stalks the undead wherever they may arise. Currently, she is in pursuit of the root of the global contagion, Patient Zero. Patient Zero and Stabby the Ninja join the previous roster of Bobble Budds, including Bitey the Zombie, Sneaky the Ninja, and Scurvy the Pirate. 

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