Night Stalker interview with Orlando Harding

Several minions have escaped the depths of Hell and are now in hiding on Earth. Most live amongst us as human beings keeping a low profile. However, some have become so brazen that they have begun roaming the Earth freely violating and sometimes even feeding on humans. Absconder warrants now issued- Dyana, a blue blooded death demon ordained as the most insidious and vicious bounty hunter Hell has ever produced must serve them. She's a detective investigating demonic crimes and is responsible for tracking, capturing, and deporting each and every creature back to Hell. Aided by her most trusted companion Azrael, a shifty, gun toting, chain-smoking Hellion. Her legend and prowess have put even the vilest creatures on high alert. She let's nothing stand in her way, including the forces of light who have taken exception to her presence on Earth. She must battle the forces of light while simultaneously pursuing the defectors. She will face her own inner demons and will discover that when dealing with the politics of light vs. dark, nothing is out of bounds and that both sides play for keeps. She is… The Nightstalker. We caught up with writer, Orlando Harding, to talk about Night Stalker.

Check out the Night Stalker interview with Orlando Harding.

Night Stalker horror comic
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