Nick Castle Comments on His Future in the ‘Halloween’ Franchise

by Mark McCurley

In a recent interview with Collider, Michael Myers star Nick Castle said he would love to return for a cameo appearance in a future Halloween sequel, especially if familiar cast and crew, namely Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter, come back as well.

With the release of 2018’s Halloween on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital this week, Castle also talked about his co-star James Jude Courtney and what is was like to pass the legacy on to a new Myers star.

“First of all,” Castle said, “He’s just such a lovely guy. And he talked about how he had looked at the movie, and studied me, and kinda channeled me, and has this whole thing that he talks about, about how he referenced the original performance. But he gave it his whole talent, his thing. His role, I think, comes up as stronger and more believable than the original guy. But maybe that’s what 40 years in a hospital does to people. So I think he did a great job with that. It’s interesting, also, ’cause I got those pictures of the two of us having the same mask on at the same time. And they’re the same mask. But you threw ‘em on different people, and they look different. So it’s like a very… and you have different personalities behind those masks, because you’re just a guy walkin’ around with a suit, and a rubber face. That was great.”

With returning to the role, Castle made it clear he was down to reprise the role, but not for the entire film:

“Let’s see,” Castle said on returning as Myers. “I can’t think of anything in particular, other than it was odd to put on the mask again and actually be in front of a camera. And I was there for a week. And I think we weren’t sure how much I was gonna do, or when they were gonna get around to the one scene that they knew they wanted me to be in. And it wound up being the last day of the week at 2:00 in the morning. Everyone’s getting tired. And that shot… I don’t know if you know the shot. It’s almost a reflection of the shape in a mirror when Jamie first sees him in the movie. And I had to be frozen there, because not only did they have to shoot from a long distance, but I had to be in the right position at the right [time]… ’cause it really was a reflection in a mirror. So that probably is the one moment I remember like, ‘Jesus, this is hard to do. I’m glad I didn’t have to do this the whole movie. Thank God for James Jude Courtney.’”

Castle finished with how he would like to continue to be involved with the Halloween franchise following the success of the October release that went on to become the highest grossing entry in the series at $253.7 million.

Castle said, “Oh, I’d love it, yeah. I would love it. Especially if, assuming John [Carpenter]’s involved, and Jamie [Lee Curtis], and hopefully David [Gordon Green], too, ’cause I just really respected and enjoyed working with him. And Danny [McBride], by the way, too. What fun was it to meet him, boy. So, yeah, yes. Yes is the final vote for me.”

Directed by Gordon Green, the film was executive produced and composed by Carpenter and distributed by Universal Pictures.

Check back soon for updates on the potential sequel!

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