Next ‘Insidious’ Entry Gets New Title Before Summer Debut

by Thomas Tuna

It’s time to go further.

The next installment in the Insidious horror franchise is set for theaters this summer, and now it has a new title for the marquee, according to a report on Screen Rant.

What started out simply as Insidious 5 (and then changed to Insidious: Fear the Dark) is now titled Insidious: The Red Door. By any name, the film hits the big screen July 7.

The Screen Gems and Stage 6 feature–from director (and star) Patrick Wilson and screenwriter Scott Teems–also stars Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Sinclair Daniel, Peter Dager and Hiam Abbass.

The Red Door reportedly picks up a decade after the second entry in the franchise, as Dalton Lambert (Simpkins) starts his college career. Wilson reprises his Josh Lambert role in the film.

The original 2010 Insidious–directed by James Wan from a screenplay by Leigh Whannell–relates the horrifying story of a couple whose son slips into a comatose state and becomes a vessel for entities in an astral dimension called The Further.

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