Next ‘Evil Dead’ Entry Gets New Direction, Updated Title

by Thomas Tuna

The Evil Dead series of horror films is “rising” again with a fifth installment and a whole new storyline.

Producer (and former franchise star) Bruce Campbell recently confirmed in an interview that the next movie–with the new title of Evil Dead Rise–will cut ties with the previous films and may again spotlight a female protagonist, as reported by

Campbell–who starred as Ash Williams in the original Evil Dead trilogy–said Evil Dead Rise will be a standalone film that will boast a brand-new setting, a departure from the iconic cabin in the woods.

The new film–which previously was called Evil Dead Now–will be written and directed by Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin, a handpicked choice of franchise creator Sam Raimi. Cronin’s resume includes directing an episode of Quibi’s horror anthology series 50 States of Fright.

As for details of the movie–which will be produced by Campbell, Raimi and Robert G. Tapert–Campbell said “the official name is Evil Dead Rise. We’re getting a new draft in. I don’t think anything will happen until 2021. Full bore ahead, we’re very excited about it. A whole new ballgame. No more cabin in the woods.”

This horror franchise opened up with The Evil Dead in 1981, which spawned 1987’s Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness in 1993. All three of those films were written and directed by Raimi and featured Campbell’s Ash Williams character. The fourth movie in the series–Evil Dead, a 2013 reboot of the original–switched gears, following the adventures of Mia Allen (Jane Levy).

The movies–which became cult favorites among horror buffs–gave birth to comic books, video games, a comedy/horror TV series on Starz (Ash vs. Evil Dead, which ran from 2015-2018) and even a stage musical.

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