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The Turkish Horror Film Which World-Premiered in October 2015 at Screamfest  LA

Is Riding a Wave of Unprecedented Media Interest Following Turkish Premiere at

!f Istanbul Film Festival Just Three Weeks Ago


(March 8, 2016 – Istanbul, Turkey) Director Lufu Emre Cicek’s Horror/ Suspense/Thriller “Naciye” will be released theatrically by distributor Chantier Films in his home country of Turkey on March 11, 2016. “Naciye” had its Turkish premiere at !f Istanbul, where the film sold out both screenings in just hours. The controversial film has received national exposure in all the major Turkish newspapers and on the top entertainment/news shows prior to and since its Turkish premiere, fueling huge awareness of and interest in it. “Naciye” had its World Premiere at Screamfest in Los Angeles in October 2015, where it received critical and public praise.

“Naciye” has received an 18+ rating in Turkey, which is comparable to an NC-17 rating in the United States. “Naciye” is a new kind of horror film for Turkey and audiences have responded to it, along with the chance to see its star, Derya Alabora, in a very different kind of role for her. Alabora, an award-winning actress and a major star in Turkey, has been honored with the Best Supporting Actress SiYAD Turkish Film Critics Association Award 2007 for “Adam and the Devil” and the Best Actress Turkish Cinema Award 1997 for “Innocence.”

In “Naciye,” a pregnant couple (Esin Harvey, Gorkem Mertsoz) travels for the weekend to check on the house they rented on a whim for the remainder of the pregnancy. On their first night at the secluded home they encounter the dangerous woman, (Alabora) who claims to be its rightful owner.


Çiçek was born in Turkey and then moved to the U.S. after high school. Like many teenagers, he grew up watching horror films and as a filmmaker, he has been influenced by movies like “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle,” and “Suspiria,” as well as the works of Pedro Almodovar. After he moved back to Turkey, Çiçek pursued his love of filmmaking. His favorite genre, horror, was a natural choice for his first feature.  

“With this movie I wanted to make something that would be familiar to horror fans in its homages to horror movie tropes but maintain its Turkish touches, like the island setting, the soap opera-esque hysteria of the leads, Naciye’s style of clothing and the music.” said Çiçek. 

Instead of making a Turkish or American horror film, Çiçek made a psychological drama/international horror film influenced by both his Turkish upbringing and love of American Horror films. The result is a uniquely satisfyingly scary artistic feature directorial debut from a unique voice in film.

The film was directed, written, produced and edited by Çiçek, produced by Refik Zafer Çiçek and Begum Malaz, executive produced by Naciye Sonbay and Ekmel Sonbay with stunning cinematography by Kamil Satir.



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 Just as every woman needs a room of her own, “Naciye” needs a place of her own. The island house, where she grew up is her “safe place.” She will do anything to protect that house and everything in it. “Bengi” is pregnant. The relationship with her husband, who always decides what is best for everyone including their unborn child, and “Bengi,” is complicated. They are on their way to the island house to spend the weekend. “Bengi’s” husband rented it without telling her. She is not excited about it at all, and she feels uneasy about everything. Derya Alabora (“Naciye”) and Esin Harvey (“Bengi”) portray the two women who face each other in a matter of life and death. As the tension escalates, mysterious stories are revealed about the island house and “Naciye.”


About the Director

Lütfü Emre Çiçek is a filmmaker currently based out of Istanbul, Turkey. His two short films premiered at Spooky Movie Film Festival and Telluride Horror Show. His screenplay “What Ever Happened to Barbara Brown?” won the Atlanta Film Festival’s screenplay competition and placed in the Top Ten in Showtime’s Tony Cox screenplay competition, and was a finalist at Filmmakers International. “Naciye” is his feature film directorial debut.



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