New ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Film Casts Key Characters

by Mark McCurley

Following the update that producer Fede Alvarez made last week on the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, it has now been confirmed that both the older versions of the villain Leatherface and original survivor Sally Hardesty will be played by Mark Burnham and Olwen Fouéré respectively.

Hired specifically by the film’s director, David Blue Garcia, Burnham who will don the skin mask following the legendary Gunnar Hansen who played the character in the original film.

Other actors that have been Leatherface over the years include Bill Johnson, R.A. Mihailoff, Robert Jacks, Andrew Bryniarski, Dan Yeager and the younger Sam Strike.

Originally played by actress Marilyn Burns, Sally was the only survivor of the first film. Fouéré, who is known for her role as Mother Marlene in Mandy, will be Sally many years after the nightmare that left her friends and brother dead.

Although there’s still no release date, Alvarez said fans can be assured there will be plenty of gore when Leatherface returns.

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