New ‘Stranger Things’ Content Revealed for ‘Dead by Daylight’

by Rob Caprilozzi

The team at Behavoir Interactive today revealed a new update in the Stranger Things chapter in the Dead by Daylight game. New outfits and new trials await the team of Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers as they team to take down Hawkins Lab.

As the first Legendary Set available for a Stranger Things character, the new set transforms Steve Harrington, in appearance only, into the brooding Jonathan Byers, one of the series’ main protagonists. As Jonathan Byers, the players will sport a careless, longer, and messier hairstyle. They will wear a quick grab & go jacket and thick woolen layers coupled with a pair of worn-out jeans that Byers has been wearing for years without giving it a second thought.

Another option included with the Moment of Truth Collection is a Very Rare mix-and-match outfit for Nancy Wheeler. Survivors who purchase the Impulsive Activist Outfit can expect a curly, shorter, and more mature hairstyle that displays the grit she exhibits to defend those she loves. It also features a woolen jacket and a sweater as well as a sturdy pair of wide jeans that allow her full range of motion.

Nancy’s Impulsive Activist Outfit is available now for 1,080 Auric Cells in the in-game store, while the Jonathan Byers Legendary Set for Steve Harrington can be purchased for 1,485 Auric Cells.

Have a look at the announcement trailer below and stay tuned to Horror News Network for more on Dead by Daylight and Stranger Things.

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