New Poster for Jigsaw Revealed

by Sean McLaughlin

Just when you thought torture porn was going the way of the buffalo, Lionsgate is hoping that you remember that the game is still on. The studio has released the first official poster for Jigsaw, the eight film in the Saw franchise and first since 2010’s Saw 3D: The Final Chapter. Star Tobin Bell, who plays Jigsaw/John in all of the previous movies (despite being deceased for most of them) also made the announcement via his Twitter account (below).

The poster, bearing the ominous tagline “Become Jigsaw”, features a familiar creepy mask on a black/grey background and oozing with eeriness. This will be the first stab at the popular horror franchise for directors Michael and Peter Speirig, who also co-directed the 2003 Australian zombie flick Undead. Much like Universal is currently doing with the Child’s Play films (Cult of Chucky due out on October 3rd), Lionsgate is hoping to revive a once-dominant slate of films that were seemingly released every year.

Jigsaw is due in theaters on October 27th, 2017, just in time for Halloween. It will be interesting to see how this film will fit in with the other Saw entries, and whether the same pattern of copy-cat killers running amuck amidst the absence of John will continue or if the Speirigs decide to go in another direction. The death of the main character hasn’t stopped them from producing four more movies in the past, so it shouldn’t be an obstacle here either.

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