New ‘Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels’ Trailer Shows a War Brewing in Los Angeles

by Nick Banks

The first full length trailer for Showtime’s new Penny Dreadful series City of Angels contains a devilish mix of realistic and supernatural horrors as tensions rise in Los Angeles circa 1938.

The new series begins when a bizarre murder shakes up the city, with much of the blame falling at the feet of the Latino community in Los Angeles. Detective Tiago Vega (Daniel Zovatto) and his partner Lewis Michener (Nathan Lane) become entangled in a mystery much more complex than originally thought.  Natalie Dormer stars as the one who appears to be at the center of it all, the devilish Magda (and she is naturally dressed in a black leather ensemble).

This new incarnation of the series is reportedly not connected to the original series which featured re-imagined versions of classic horror literature characters such as the Frankenstein monster, Dorian Gray, and Dracula.

City of Angels premieres on Showtime on Sunday, April 26 at 10 pm.

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