New Netflix Documentary, Hostage to the Devil, Reveals Details About Priest Who Inspired The Exorcist

by John Evans

Netflix just added a new documentary to its library, entitled Hostage to the Devil, which explores the world of real-life exorcisms. The documentary reveals new key details about Father Malachi Martin, who was an Irish Catholic Priest, author, and professor. He is said to be the real-life inspiration for the book and film, The Exorcist. The documentary is named after a book written by Martin, of the same title.

In the documentary, a former CIA agent named Robert Marrow claims that Father Malachi Martin’s death was related to an exorcism he was performing on a child. Marrow states that an invisible force pushed Martin down, and he died from his injury at the age of 78.

A trailer for the documentary can be viewed below:

Hostage to the Devil can currently be viewed on Netflix. The timing couldn’t be better, seeing as the recent passing of William Peter Blatty (author of the novel and the screenplay of The Exorcist, and writer/director of The Exorcist III) and the excellent television series on Fox have renewed interest in the phenomenon over the past few months.

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