New NECA Jason Figure Is On The Prowl For ‘New Blood’

by Thomas Tuna

Jason Voorhees is armed to the teeth and ready (once again) to haunt your collectibles case.

NECA this week announced that its latest Jason figure–this one from Friday the 13th Part VIIThe New Blood–is on store shelves now (with a suggested retail price of $35.99) and is primed to get your Halloween plans in full swing, as reported by Check out the frightening photos on this page and judge for yourself.

This entry in the Friday the 13th franchise introduces Kane Hodder to horror fans, and the slasher genre has never been the same. The veteran stuntman and actor made Jason’s image even more threatening (if that’s possible) and went on to play the iconic role in the next three films in the series.

This Jason Voohees Ultimate seven-inch scale figure–NECA’s first Jason figure in almost two years–has roughly 25 points of articulation. The eerily realistic figure comes complete with two interchangeable portraits, two sets of hands, a regular mask, a split hockey mask, a machete, an axe, a knife, a tent stake, a brush cutter, a wood cutter, a sickle and a metal chain wrapped around its neck. Sure you have everything, Jason?

The 1988 Friday the 13th Part VIIThe New Blood–directed by John Carl Buechler from a screenplay by Manuel Fidello and Daryl Haney–stars Lar Park Lincoln, Kevin Blair, Susan Blu and Terry Kiser alongside Hodder as Jason.

The movie follows a psychokinetic teenage girl (Lincoln) who “unwittingly releases Jason from his tomb at the bottom of Crystal Lake, allowing him to go on another killing spree.” Saddled with mostly negative reviews, this installment earned $19 million on a $3-million budget.

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