New Monster-Filled Trailer Drops For ‘Gamera: Rebirth’

by Thomas Tuna

The kaiju are coming out of the woodwork.

Gamera: Rebirth–the six-episode Netflix anime series–this week got a fall debut date and a brand-new trailer that teases a whole lotta kaiju chaos. Check out the video on this page.

The animated series–hitting Netfiix Sept. 7–is set in the summer of 1989, and spotlights the fire-breathing, high-flying prehistoric turtle in violent action against five other kaiju out for blood.

The show follows elementary school students Boko, Joe and Junichi as they witness the kaiju Gyaos attack Tokyo. But as the huge monster spots them, Gamera shows up–as do several other behemoths. Before long, Gamera is fighting for his life.

Gamera–last seen in 2006’s Gamera the Brave–was created by Dalei Films to compete with Toho’s Godzilla. The colossal turtle debuted back in 1965 in Gamera, the Giant Monster.

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