New Line Wins Rights To Hot Horror Short Story ‘Occupant’

by Thomas Tuna

How much would you charge to haunt a house?

New Line Cinema this week won a very competitive bidding battle for the rights to a 39-page haunted house short story by a fledgling novelist, according to a report on Deadline.

Little is known about the screen adaptation of Victor Sweetser’s short story Occupant at this early stage, but Zach Cregger (Barbarian), Roy Lee and Scott Glassgold are on board as producers.

The story deals with a century-old Victorian house offered up for free–provided that the new owner puts it on a flatbed and moves it from its current lot.

The tale is narrated by a teenager named Chloe, who lives in the town where the house is being moved. She and her boyfriend Mason are upset to learn the house will end up in The Shole–a place where local kids go to hang out.

So, they decide to check out the house before the new owners move in. As might be expected, they soon learn the house is haunted–and its supernatural occupant “turns itself loose on members of its new neighborhood, with horrifying results,” according to the synopsis.

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