New Horror Comic Spotlights Emotion-Hungry Monsters

by Thomas Tuna

Channel your inner Spock–there are monsters out there who prey on strong emotions.

That’s the premise behind Human Remains–a new horror series from Vault Comics that will hit comic book shops Sept. 22, according to a report on Check out the bizarre covers on this page.

The new series comes from writer Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) and artist Sally Cantirino (I Walk With Monsters). The main cover is rendered by Cantirino; the variant by Josh Hixson (The Plot).

Human Remains–described as A Quiet Place, just substituting emotions for sounds–finds Earth under invasion by monsters that feed on strong emotions. That cheery thought puts Dax and Bisa–the couple at the heart of the storyline–in a world of trouble, since they love each other so much.

Milligan said the comic was inspired by the precautions people have had to endure due to the pandemic lockdown. “I thought about all the things that had been so natural that we now could not do,” he said. “All the touching, socializing, kissing, close-up talking. All that everyday human stuff.”

The writer said COVID seemed to be “stripping us of some of the essential qualities of what it is to be human. A thought struck me: How much can you strip away from what it is to be human before you stop being human?”

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