New Gameplay Video for U55 End of the Line

by Rob Caprilozzi

Effective Evolutions are pleased to announce another video including more gameplay of the first person horror-adventure U55 – END OF THE LINE for PC and next generation consoles.This video impressively demonstrates not only the horror adventure’s dense atmosphere, it also features a unique soundtrack based on binaural beats, a psychoacoustic phenomenon mostly left unattended by game developers so far.

Coming out of nowhere, U55 – END OF THE LINE not only has reached over 1,200 backers on Kickstarter, gathering more than 58.000 USD but also receiving a huge reaction from horror fans and gamers alike.  The game managed to draw massive media attention from all over the world, being featured on gaming’s largest international websites like Kotaku, IGN, Gamona and Gamer’s Hell, with them quickly responding to U55’s unique vision of a modern-day survival horror set in the Berlin subway accompanied with binaural beats.

The true success of   U55 – END OF THE LINE sound gaming concept was proven one more time, when the title received an approval for Steam Greenlight after a scrutiny time of only 18 days.

“We are very thankful for everything our fans did for us, we never thought that we could receive so much attention and so much positive feedback in so little time“ says Malte M. Boettcher, U55’s creative director. “Most games on Steam Greenlight receive an average mark of 50% and get lost in the shuffle. In our first week, we have reached an incredible score of over 80%. The quick approval on Greenlight is a sign that we have hit the bullseye of what dedicated core gamers want to see. For a project like ours, this is an overpowering success.“

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