New David Cronenberg Film, ‘Crimes of the Future’, to Start Shooting this Summer

by Larry Dwyer

Good news, body-horror aficionados, as David Cronenberg is officially back in the directors chair. We reported a few months ago that Viggo Mortensen had discussed that he had a potential film in the works with Cronenberg, now Indiewire has reported that the film is a go and will be shooting in Greece through August and September.

The new film is titled Crimes of the Future…which is also the title of a 60-minute 1970 film also written and directed by Mr. Cronenberg. While the premise for the new film is currently under wraps, the previous Crimes was an odd film about a strange fellow who ran a dermatological clinic called “The House of Skin”. I don’t think it’s ever gotten it’s own release but it was included as a special feature on the Criterion Collection release of The Brood.

So, since Viggo Mortensen had hinted earlier that this new film was something that Cronenberg has had in the works for a while, we can probably assume that it is a re-telling of this previous story. It’s Cronenberg, so I’m on board.

Stay tuned to Horror News Network as we will update on any and all news on the new Crimes of the Future.


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