New Clip And 4 Minute Trailer For ‘The Afflicted’

by CTbrthrhd


The folks at CBS Films have released yet another two clips for their most recent offering Afflicted.  The two new clips include a new 4 minute long extended trailer as well as a nearly 2 minute clip of new footage.  Check out Afflicted in theaters now to see all the other footage that CBS has decided to make you pay for.


Baya Rehaz, Derek Lee, Clif Prowse, Michael Gill, Zachary Gray


This terrifying horror thriller follows two best friends who set out on the trip of a lifetime around the world. Their journey, documented every step of the way, soon takes a dark and unexpected turn after an encounter with a beautiful woman in Paris leaves one of them mysteriously afflicted.

Clip 1: New Extended Trailer: “Infected”

Clip 2: “Wall Punch”

Other Clips:

Three New Clips For ‘Afflicted’ Released


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