New ‘Chucky’ Series Releases Teaser

by Larry Dwyer

Last week we announced that Fiona Dourif is joining her dad, Brad Dourif, in the new SyFy/USA series Chucky that is set to release this year. Now we’ve got some visuals as SyFy tweeted out a quick teaser of the animatronic doll that is being built for the show, along with Brad Dourif’s iconic voice to drive the terror home. Creator and show-runner Don Mancini has always respected the importance of practical effects so we’re happy to see that they’re constructing real dolls for the series!

Also of note to the series, is another bit of casting news. SyFy has announced that Lexa Doig (Jason X, Arrow) will be joining the cast as Bree Webber – wife of Logan (Devon Sawa) and aunt to one of the show’s teenage leads.

Stay tuned!

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