New ‘Book Of Evil’ Illustrated Series Debuts Next Week

by Thomas Tuna

Imagine a brave, new–and violent–world.

Book of Evil–described as a “serialized horror story blending prose and multiple styles of illustration”–will be released next week by Comixology Originals and Best Jackett Press. Check out the cover and interior art on this page.

The publication–available starting Oct. 4 from Amazon’s Comixology Originals exclusive digital content line–comes from writer Scott Snyder and artist Jock (the team behind The Batman Who Laughs).

Book of Evil tells the story of four young friends “growing up in a strange near future where more than 90 percent of the population is born as psychopaths,” according to the description. Despite the danger, the four set off on a journey “that will take them down the roads and rivers of this transformed America in the hope of finding a place where goodness still lives.”

In the book, Homer is a curious and quiet 12-year-old–and an artist. Book of Evil unfolds in first-person narration from Homer’s point of view–featuring journal entries and excerpts from a cartoon strip called The Book of Evil. 

The cartoon followed an “everyman” named Everett who traveled through time, met heroic figures of the past–and murdered them in violent ways. Was the cartoonist just an entertainer, “or was he leaving clues for those–like Homer–looking to change the world?”

Jock said he and Snyder “always talked about presenting Book of Evil in a truly unique way–with illustrations and design bolstering Scott’s evocative writing. Joined by Emma Price on design, we hope it gives readers an engrossing experience, unlike anything we’ve made before.”

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