Netflix Will Adapt ‘Selfie’ Into A Feature-Length Film

by Rob Caprilozzi

Netflix has acquired the rights to Selfie, a 9-minute movie, which premiered at SXSW Film Festival in 2019. The streaming giant will turn the short into a feature film with the same writers, John Poliquin (who directed the film) and Colin Minihan, doing the adaptation, according to a report on Deadline.

The short delved into the horrors of body image in the age of social media. The official synopsis of the film is as follows:  “In a world where social media app Selfie dominates over Instagram and TikTok, insecure teenager Sarah has had enough. She no longer wants to subscribe to the culture of presenting a perfect online persona. In a moment of clarity, Sarah makes the unpopular decision to delete her accounts. But, the “perfect” version of herself that she’s given power to online won’t be deleted that easily…”

If the names of Poliquin and Minihan sound familiar it is because their recent release, Spiral, which they wrote, debuted last month on Shudder. The flick follows a same sex couple moving into a neighborhood where things aren’t what they seem.

Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more info on Selfie.

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