Netflix Releases Full Trailer and Premiere Date for ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4

by John Evans

After a steady trickle of teaser clips for upcoming individual episodes, Neflix has gone whole hog this morning with a full trailer for Black Mirror Season Four. In addition, the popular streaming network announced that fans can begin watching the new season in its entirety on December 29th… just three weeks from Friday!

The new trailer contains some new footage from some of the episodes which have previously been given their own mini-trailers, but the majority of the new material is from other episodes in the season. There are a couple of interesting scenes from “USS Callister,” an episode which appears to draw some of its influences from the Star Trek franchise. You can watch the entire clip below:

Black Mirror Season Four will contain a total of six episodes. Here is the complete episode list for the upcoming season:

  • “Arkangel”
  • “Black Museum”
  • “Crocodile”
  • “Hang the DJ”
  • “Metalhead”
  • “USS Callister”

With the impending release of the series, there ought to be more information on Black Mirror coming soon. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for all of the exciting new details as they break!




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