NES Jason To Be a Free Update for Friday the 13th: The Game

by Sean McLaughlin

Good things come to those that wait. And wait. And wait. IllFonic, the developers behind the much-anticipated but equally buggy Friday the 13th game, have announced a peace offering for its loyal users in the wake of multiple glitches and connectivity problems that have plagued it since is wide release just a few weeks ago. On June 20th, IllFonic is releasing a new update available to all current gamers which will include upgrades like new clothing for the characters and complementary Customization Points (which are used like currency within the game).

However, the best part of the new update (not to mention the coolest feature for all to enjoy) is a new retro skin for Jason, which will leave your gaming platform basking in the glow of 8-bit NES glory. The ’80s Nintendo F13 game appearance, complete with the purple jumpsuit and turquoise skin and mask, is sure to be a big hit among gamers as the imagery has enjoyed a huge resurgence in the last few years. The folks at IllFonic realize this, and are releasing the update for free as a way to apologize to the game’s loyal fanbase for the numerous issues that have haunted the title since its late-May release. Also included is a new retro song from Mitch Murder which emulates the iconic theme from the original NES game (our friends at NECA know all about combining these two pieces of nostalgic awesomeness!)

In the first three weeks of its release, Friday the 13th: The Game has been bogged down with numerous issues which have made the experience not very user-friendly. In addition to typical glitches, gamers had problems connecting with others in a multi-player environment (despite being hosted by consoles such as XBox One and PS4).  Multiple patches were offered by the developers, but issues persisted.  Gun Media and IllFonic posted a message on the game’s Facebook page on June 19th, announcing an apology and the free update:

“Our team wants to thank everyone for their support and patience after a rocky launch with an entirely free update coming June 20th!  Who’s ready to check out Retro Jason?”

The update for Friday the 13th: The Game will be released to all current gamers free of charge on June 20th.
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