Neil Marshall To Lead New Horror Series ‘Nightshade’

by Thomas Tuna

Once again, it’s humanity against the forces of darkness.

Nightshade–a new small-screen, live-action supernatural series–is being developed by genre veteran Neil Marshall (The Descent, Hellboy) and Simon Uttley (Alleycats) with the backing of 108 Media, according to a report on

Marshall and Uttley will serve as showrunners and writers of the series–set for six hour-long episodes–with Marshall directing the pilot. No release window or network has yet been announced.

Nightshade is set in an 18th-Century English port city, where a half-English, half-Indian outcast, Lizzie Monroe, transforms herself Nightshade– a “defiant, masked outlaw avenger”–in order to rescue her brother James from “the treacherous underworld realm of The Veil–where werewolves, demons, warlocks and other evil creatures live,” according to the synopsis.

During their journey, the Monroes discover that the supernatural forces arrayed against them are “merely the vanguard of a far greater threat, and that they’re caught in the opening salvo of a war between humanity and the forces of darkness.”

Marshall made no bones about the tone and tenor of the series. “Make no mistake about it,” he said, “this will be a Neil Marshall show. When it’s scary. it will be very scary. When it’s necessary to be violent, it will be violent. Every punch will land hard and break bones, and every sword thrust will cut and sting.”

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