NecronomiCon Providence Coverage

by Rob Caprilozzi

Staff member, Bill Burns was able to attend NecronomiCon Providence, a  H. P. Lovecraft festival in Providence, Rhode Island.

Here is his coverage from the walking tour of the event.

Intersection of Angell and Prospect streets, Providence, RI


Lovecraft’s final abode, Providence, RI

Rhode Island State House, Providence, RI

“The nurse used to stop and sit on the benches of Prospect Terrace to chat with policemen; and one of the child’s first memories was of the great westward sea of hazy roofs and domes and steeples and far hills which he saw one winter afternoon from that great railed embankment, and violet and mystic against a fevered, apocalyptic sunset of reds and golds and purples and curious greens. The vast marble dome of the State House stood out in massive silhouette, its crowning statue haloed fantastically by a break in one of the tinted stratus clouds that barred the flaming sky.”—The Case of Charles Dexter Ward


Former home of Joseph Curwen, Providence, RI


Portrait of Joseph Curwen (from the Marinus Bicknell Willett collection)

The Shunned House, Providence, RI


The Church of the Starry Wisdom, Providence, RI

St. John’s Churchyard, Providence, RI

“It was everywhere — a gelatin — a slime — yet it had shapes, a thousand shapes of horror beyond all memory. There were eyes — and a blemish. It was the pit — the maelstrom — the ultimate abomination. Carter, it was the unnamable!”—“The Unnamable”


Former home of sculptor Henry Anthony Wilcox, Providence, RI


Cthulhu statue (donated by John Raymond Legrasse), Miskatonic University, Arkham, MA


Codex Beltran-Escavy, Miskatonic University, Arkham, MA


Miskatonic University, Arkham, MA


Final dwelling of mathematician Walter Gilman, Arkham, MA

Arkham Reservoir, Arkham, MA


The Whately farmhouse, Dunwich, MA

Sentinel Hill, Dunwich, MA


Innsmouth, MA

Devil’s Reef, Innsmouth, MA


Kingsport, MA

Miskatonic River, MA


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