NECA Reveals New Addition To Their Toony Terrors Line

by Lacey Gelzinis

NECA, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, recently released the final packaging photos for the newest addition to their figure line, Toony Terrors. The figures represent The Grady Twins, the iconic characters from the horror classic, The Shining. They are barely mentioned in the book; however, they make a much more prominent appearance in the movie where they are seen in the visions of one of the main characters, Danny Torrance, while he is exploring the famous Overlook Hotel.

The story tells that they were murdered by their father, Delbert Grady, while living in the hotel previously and they stuck around to haunt the location. The girls’ famous line, “Come play with us, Danny, forever and ever and ever.” has become one of the most well-known horror movie quotes.

This February/March, you can expect to see NECA’s Grady Twin figures exclusively in Walmart stores and gradually make their way into other locations in the months following. They are sure to be the next hot item in horror fans’ collections.

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