NECA Gives Sneak Peek At Upcoming Dracula Figure

by Thomas Tuna

As expected, Dracula (or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof) is almost ready for his entrance.

NECA this week dropped an evocative tease for what looks to be the next action figure in its Universal Monsters line, as reported by The Twitter photo on this page shows what must be a Dracula action figure, which apparently will follow on the heels of the Frankenstein’s monster figure announced earlier this year.

It’s likely this photo also commemorates the birthday of Bela Lugosi, who will, no doubt, be the model for the seven-inch figure. The legendary actor was born Oct. 20, 1882.

NECA this spring announced its Universal Monsters line, confirming Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Mummy. NECA–working with Lugosi LLC and Chaney Entertainment–said the figures “will capture the horror world’s most iconic figures in NECA’s Ultimate format.”

Lynne Lugosi Sparks, chief executive of Lugosi LLC, said she was happy “to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Bela Lugosi’s iconic screen performance as Dracula with this figure.”

NECA vice president Randy Falk added that this new line “aims to create something hyper-realistic and ultra-detailed for people like me who grew up watching these amazing movies and have always longed for definitive versions.”

It is reported that this line of seven-inch action figures will be available in black-and-white as well as full-color versions.

No details on the planned release of the Dracula figure have been offered at this time, so keep reading Horror News Network for updates as they are announced.


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