NECA Adds Matt Hooper Action Figure To Its ‘Jaws’ Collection

by Thomas Tuna

“Cage goes in the water. You go in the water. Shark’s in the water. Our shark. Farewell and adieu…”

This was Quint’s sarcastic reaction to Matt Hooper’s plan to use his anti-shark cage in their hunt for the great white in Steven Spielberg’s 1975 horror classic Jaws. Now, collectors can recreate the scene in the film when Hooper tries out his dangerous plan.

NECA this week announced a scuba gear-clad Matt Hooper (shark cage) action figure that joins the previous Hooper figure (clothed in regular attire) and the Quint collectible. Check out photos of the new figure–courtesy of–on this page.

The eight-inch-tall action figure–based on the actual shark cage scenes–has the young oceanographer equipped with swappable heads (one with his eyeglasses, the other with his scuba mask), flippers, spear, underwater light, knife and oxygen tank. The figure will ship in September.

In Jaws, Hooper–portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss–manages to escape from his shark cage after it was attacked and destroyed by the great white. He, along with Martin Brody (Roy Scheider), survive the harrowing open-sea encounter.

Jaws–directed by Spielberg from a screenplay by Peter Benchley (who wrote the 1974 novel) and Carl Gottlieb–stars Scheider, Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw as Quint. The acclaimed summer blockbuster was a critical and commercial smash, reeling in $472 million on a $9-million budget.

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