Near Humanity Motion Comic On Indiegogo

by Rob Caprilozzi

We received word today of a new indiegogo campaign being launched called Near Humanity.

Here are the details:

At the dawn of the new millenium, a new drug causes deadly ravages in New-York.

Rachel Evans, an efficient cop from the « drug squad » is determined to uncover the origins of this drug. This narcotic pushed a suspect to devour a portion of his teammate's face, who died of his injuries. The same night, Roman Darkofsky, 75 years old, is questioned by the police for attempted murder on the peaceful crematorium's old guard John Neville.

What are the origins of this drug ?

What ancient secret quarrel makes two old men wanting to kill each other ?

Two cases quite different in appearance… but hiding a unique and scary truth.

The plot of Near Humanity focuses on three main protagonists:

Rachel Evans : Skeptical and tenacious, is a narcotics inspector in New York, she's facing an epidemic of rabies cannibal related to the absorption of a new drug. She lost her teammate during one of these attacks. Only daughter, she was raised by her mother after the tragic death of his father, sheriff in a small town in Nevada, in what is called "incident of 1955." She chooses to integrate the police in memory of his father.

Roman Darkofsky : Grown and discreet, he left his family very young. He does not share the values or ideology. He then engaged in the Red Army. "Blue" rather clumsy and discreet, he became a true soldier of value: brave and intelligent. He was NCO in the Spetsnaz and KGB agent. He discovered the actions of Starck for the first time in 1944 in Warsaw, but did not quite know what he's up to. This was actually in 1948 that the truth and especially his beliefs and his morals are shaken. Starck making his nemesis and his target.

Maximillian Starck aka John Neville: Doctor and scientist from the German aristocracy. Elegant man, refined, intelligent, listing the Nazi party is just an excuse to get money for his research. He sinks slowly into obsession when he figures out the great potential of the serum and decides to achieve his ends whatever the price. It also does not hesitate to offer his services to the highest bidder. This will lead to many failures and real disasters…

More details on the project can be found here:

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