Nacon Reveals Trailer for ‘Terminator: Survivors’ Game

by Rob Caprilozzi

Gather your friends, grab your weapons, and prepare to survive.

Yesterday during NACON Connect, NACON presented to gamers worldwide their upcoming releases with one of them being Terminator: Survivors, an open-world survival game set in the world of the 1984 classic, The Terminator. In addition to their announcement, a cinematic trailer, which can be seen below, was revealed.

The game’s synopsis on the Steam page reads as follows: It’s been four years since the day humanity nearly perished. The truth of the event is still muddied in half-truths as you emerge from a shelter to attempt and reestablish some semblance of society in a world that seems hell-bent on eliminating you and the last vestiges of mankind. You are tasked with scouring the surrounding land for materials, information, other survivors and key resources in order to establish a base of operations for your fledgling group.

But you’re not alone. Skynet’s machines are hunting you. They don’t feel anything. They never stop. Ever. Until they completed their mission: eradication of all humanity. Alone or within a group of up to four, lead humanity’s rise from the ashes and unravel the truth behind the bombs, Skynet and the Terminator threat.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise this year, Terminator: Survivors will be released on early access for PC (Steam) on 24 October 2024. It will also be available on consoles at a later date. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more on this game.

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