‘Murder In The Woods’, Set For Drive-Ins, Releases Trailer

by Thomas Tuna

Horror movies have had a successful summer season so far at drive-ins (think The Wretched and The Rental), and the latest entry hoping to cash in on the outdoor craze is the slasher film Murder in the Woods.

The indie feature–from Rezinate Entertainment and Yel Productions–will hit drive-ins this Friday, Aug. 14 and will have a digital and VOD release Sept. 18, as reported by JoBlo.com. A trailer for the film can be viewed below.

The movie, according to the official synopsis, follows a group of college friends who throw a birthday bash in a remote cabin in the woods (never a good idea in a horror film). Predictably, soon after the teens arrive at the cabin, they discover the hideaway holds a dark secret–a secret that forces them all to fight for their very lives.

Murder in the Woods–from director/producer Luis Iga Garza and screenwriter/producer Yelyna De Leon–stars Jose Julian, Jeanette Samano, Chelsea Rendon, Catherine Toribio, Jordan Diambrini and Kade Wise. The film also features Danny Trejo, Soledad St. Hilaire, Kurt Caceres and Rolando Molina.

Garza said a lot of thought went into the ensemble cast. “While developing this indie feature,” he said, “we were very conscious of making sure that there would be a diverse cast in lead roles.”

De Leon stressed the importance of the cultural themes in the film, saying it was key for the script “to include cultural Latino references. We purposely showed authentic moments…memorable experiences that we share with our families.”

The movie–which debuted at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara in Los Angeles–was hailed by one reviewer as an “eerie throwback to old-school slasher films.”

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