Mortifera interview with Stephan Frost

by Rob Caprilozzi

Formed during the Dark Ages, Mortifera was an order of knights that hunted and killed demons. Mortifera was started by Elias Gregor after he had served in the Vatican's Exturminata. Elias had grown weary of the Vatican's hardline approach to only working within ecclesiastical guidelines for demon extermination. Elias wanted to use any weapon possible against the demons, sanctified or otherwise. The Mortifera were instrumental in the near genocide of the demons that inhabited earth during the Dark Ages. The Mortifera were also charged with the task of collecting and studying demonic relics. We caught up with writer, Stephan Frost, to talk about Mortifera. 

Check out the Mortifera interview with Stephan Frost.

Mortifera horror comic

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