More ‘Wolf Creek’ Is On The Way For Big And Small Screens

by Thomas Tuna

Horror fans who have been waiting patiently for more Wolf Creek–both in theaters and on TV screens–can breathe a little easier: Plans are underway for Wolf Creek 3 and a third season of the TV series.

John Jarratt–who portrayed the always-dangerous Mick Taylor both in the films and on the TV show–revealed in a Facebook post that he and director Greg McLean are working on treatments that would return viewers to Australia’s Wolf Creek National Park, according to

Jarrratt’s recent post greeted fans with a friendly, “Hey guys! Let’s have a little chat about the return of our old mate Uncle Mick. To my delight, I have received an overwhelming amount of messages about Wolf Creek 3, the season and the movie.”

Jarratt went on to write that he and McLean “have both projects in the works but, unfortunately, (the situation) has the world at a standstill. I promise to keep you updated as we all try our best to get through these tough times.”

The original Wolf Creek movie–written and directed by McLean and released in 2005–was based on a real-life story of three people traveling in a remote part of Australia. They had planned to hike through Wolf Creek National Park, but are forced to accept help from a stranger when they develop car trouble.

This innocent-seeming meeting turns terrifying when they learn the stranger has violent intentions. The travelers soon are forced to fight for their very lives.

Jarratt reprised his Mick Taylor persona in Wolf Creek 2 in 2014, a sequel that spawned a TV series on Stan that ran for two, six-episode seasons starting in 2016. The first season of the show–again helmed by McLean and written by Peter Gawler, Felicity Packard and McLean–followed Eve, a teenage tourist targeted by Taylor who escapes his clutches and then seeks vengeance for her travails. The second season on the streamer dealt with Taylor terrorizing a group of international tourists.

Plot details, as well as a potential distributor, for both projects are unknown at this writing, so keep reading Horror News Network for updates on what lies ahead for Wolf Creek.

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