Mike Mignola Inducted Into Harvey Awards Hall of Fame

by Nick Banks

The Harvey Awards Steering Committee announced today that noted comic book artist and writer Mike Mignola will be inducted into the Harvey Awards Hall of Fame this year at their annual awards ceremony, which coincides with the 2019 edition of New Your Comic Con.

Mignola reacted to the news by stating that his “… very first comic industry award was the 1994 Harvey Award for Best Artist on Hellboy. I never expected that award, but I took it as a sign that I might actually be on to something.  It is a great honor to be inducted into the Harvey Awards Hall of Fame—something I certainly never could have imagined. And I’ll take it as proof that I haven’t embarrassed myself too badly over the last 25 years.”

In addition to Mignola, Alison Bechdel (Fun Home) will also be inducted this year, and five artists with associations with MAD Magazine will be posthumously inducted, including Will Elder, Jack Davis, John Severin, Marie Severin, and Ben Oda.  Davis is also well-known for his work on EC’s infamous horror line, and John Severin contributed to classic EC war titles such as Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat.

Maggie Thompson, who along with her late husband, Don Thompson, served as longtime editors of the Comics Buyer’s Guide will also be inducted this year.

The inductees will be recognized at the 31st annual Harvey Awards ceremony on Friday, October 4, at 8:30 p.m. at Hudson Mercantile.

Horror News Network would like to congratulate Mignola and all of the other inductees this year for their years of contributions to the medium.

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