Midnight Son review

From the start, Jacob (played by Zak Kilberg) seems like your run-of-the-mill single guy. He works a night-shift job as a security guard and lives in a basement apartment where he does some painting in his spare time. Pretty normal, right?

But Jacob is definitely not normal. We find out that he works a night job not because it’s all he can find but because he has a condition which causes his skin to burn when he comes in contact with sunlight. Then Jacob is at the doctor trying to find out why he can’t seem to satisfy his hunger even though he eats everything in sight. His doctor says that he may be anemic but Jacob really isn’t buying it.

Through trial and error, our poor lad finally discovers the one thing that can quench his undying hunger…and you can probably guess what it is, right? Right…blood. While Jacob can’t figure out the cause of his symptoms, he certainly has some ideas. There’s a really brilliant scene where he is watching Fright Night (the original) and he goes off into the bathroom with a crucifix to see if it hurts him. When it doesn’t, he just kind of gives an “I’m a moron” type chuckle.

While trying to come to terms with these new developments, Jacob meets a girl who he is interested in. As he and Mary (played by Maya Parish) begin to get acquainted we see how similar they are. Where Jacob is struggling with his addiction (blood) she is also struggling with her own (drugs). They are both obviously quite secretive about their addictions and what really pulls you in is the question of whether these two kids with such problems can make a legitimate go of it.

Simply put, Midnight Son (written and directed by Scott Leberecht) is a brilliant movie. It is a fresh take on the tired vampire genre and really should be on your list of movies to see this year. The chemistry between Jacob and Mary is truly something to behold and is so captivating that it’s very easy to forget that this is a vampire movie. One note: do not watch this movie expecting fangs, capes, bats or even worse – sparkling vampires; expect a moving story about two uncomfortable twenty-somethings falling in love despite a wealth of obstacles and challenges.

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