Michael Goi named Director of Horror Feature ‘The Elevator Game’

by Mark McCurley

Just in from Deadline, Michael Goi who has been Director of Photography on several episodes of American Horror Story will now helm The Elevator Game.

The horror picture is a collaboration of AMP International out of London and the Los Angeles, CA based production company Fearworks. This marks Fearworks first feature film.

With an eye for the horror genre, Goi has also directed photography on episodes of Scream Queens and his controversial horror film Megan Is Missing.

Resurfacing after a decade of its original release, Megan Is Missing went viral on TikTok where it has had more than 470,000,000 views since November ’20.

Rooted in the mysterious internet phenomenon, the story follows a character named Dale whose sister goes missing after playing “the game.” Socially awkward, he starts investigating his sister’s disappearance where he finds out the ritual is conducted in an elevator. In this game, players attempt to travel to an alternate dimension by following a series of rules they get online. Dale, desperate to find his sister, ignores the warnings and learns the hard way that the rules are there for a reason. He comes to understand clearly nothing is as it seems in The Elevator Game.

Filming is set to take place in Manitoba, Canada over the summer of 2021. The script is written by Travis Seppala and the cast is yet to be determined.

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