Michael Biehn rumored for lead role in Hell Hunters

by Rob Caprilozzi

A few adys ago we reported on the new TV series "Hell Hunters" from creator Lawrence Donini and director Jourdan McClure, starring Bill Moseley and Michael Berryman. On the heels of that comes the first potential cast update: Michael Biehn is rumored for one of the lead roles which remained vacant in the original announcement. Michael Biehn, known for Terminator, Tombstone, Aliens, the Abyss and Planet Terror, may round out the trio of lead characters alongside Bill Moseley (Hazard) and Michael Berryman (Lawrence Beasley) by playing Ajacks in the series. Travis Werner, a young boy in a small town in North Dakota adopts the persona of Ajacks from a 1960s comic book. And as a vigilante crime fighter, continues to hunt down the scum of the earth.

Check out the Michael Biehn rumored for lead role in Hell Hunters.

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