MGM Picks Up Horror Script ‘Bed Rest’

by Lynn Sorel

After a bidding war, MGM bought the rights to Lori Evans Taylor’s horror script ‘Bed Rest’.  Chris Sparling, screenwriter for ‘Sea of Trees’, is producing, along with Karen Rosenfelt.  Without major attachments, clean spec scripts are rare these days.  The script generated heavy interest from studios last week when it was making rounds.  It is not a run of the mill horror slasher or gorefest, but a more elevated showcase for an actress.  The story is centered around a woman who is confined to best rest while expecting a child.  However, when she can’t leave her home, bad things begin to happen. It has been compared to ‘Disturbia’, but includeds supernatural elements.  ‘Bed Rest’ will be Taylor’s first writing credit for a feature film. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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