Mezco Toyz Fair 2022 Reveals – Day 2

by Sean McLaughlin

While New York Toy Fair 2022 may have been cancelled due to covid concerns, toy makers have proven to be very resilient in revealing their upcoming lines for both the press and for the fans.  For the second year in a row, the rock stars over at Mezco Toyz are holding a virtual Mezco Toyz Fair through their official social media channels.  From Friday February 18th to Sunday February 20th, the toy and figure company are running very cool giveaways, fun activities like quizzes, and of course unveiling the latest and greatest Mezco designs and licenses.

For horror fans, Mezco always delivers, with license agreements with some of the greatest franchises around like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Texas Chainsaw Massacre among MANY others.  The big reveals at Mezco Toyz Fair 2022 will be no different, and HNN will be covering all of the action.  Check back daily for updates on what collectors and horror fans can expect in 2022!


Day 2 (February 19th)

While comic fan highlights were the awesome One:12 Collective Robin and Amazing Spider-Man reveals, day 2 saw a couple of really terrific announcements for horror fans and collectors.

Silent Hill 2 continues to get love from the Mezco designers, as Red Pyramid Thing will receive an entry in the new Static-6 line (second only to Conan.)  The Static-6 pieces are 1:6 scale statues, highly-detailed and includes multiple parts and accessories.  It even contains “interactive mixed media components”, and is designed to stand on a 12” base for maximum pose-ability and will be the envy of all of your horror gaming amigos.  Expect this sucker to be priced accordingly (Conan is set at $225), and get on the waiting list as soon as possible!


Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?  Joining the 5-Points line, of course!  While we previously were informed about Scooby and the gang stepping into the world of 5-point articulation, day 2 of Mezco Toyz Fair 2022 brings news that the Mystery Machine, a few assorted ghouls, and even a Haunted House play-set will be coming along for the ride!  This is sure to be a sought-after set, as this colorful bunch will brighten up any workspace or toy room.  No release date was provided, but expect the pre-order to go live in the next few months…..


Check back tomorrow for the final day of reveals and hi-jinks during Mezco Toyz Fair 2022!

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