Mezco Announces Pre-Order For ‘Mezco’s Monsters’ 5 Points Line

by Sean McLaughlin

The team over at Mezco announced their latest killer set in the 5 Points line, now available for pre-order.  Mezco’s Monsters will bring you back to the early 1980s, when Remco first released their spooky line of Universal monsters complete with an eerie lab playset.  While this was our first introduction to the horror icons in 3 3/4″ form, the Mezco’s Monsters line gives it a major upgrade in both style and detail.

Included in this line are the ghouls we all know and love:  Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, Werewolf, Sea Creature and Mummy.  Along with the figures, a scarily-detailed “Tower of Fear” playset is included which includes a multitude of accessories (see below) to use within the diorama.  And of course…..the monsters are to scale for all of your display and figure-photography needs.  Now you can recreate all of those classic scenes where every Universal monster icon appeared on screen together….which would be only The Monster Squad, of course.  But this set will provide hours of entertainment, even for the younger-than-15 crowd!

Here are the highlights:

  • Dracula – He feasts on the blood of the living! Undead, centuries-old, and a Vampire Lord, Dracula transforms into a giant vampire bat with his included Bat-transformation accessory.
  • Frankenstein’s Monster – Warn the villagers! Assembled from parts of the dead and brought to life through science, Frankenstein’s Monster terrorizes the town. Frankenstein’s Monster features a removable skullcap that exposes his abnormal brain and a stone block with a shackled chain that attaches to his leg.
  • Mummy – Heed the Mummy’s Curse! Awoken from his eternal rest by those who disturbed his chamber and ignored warning, the Mummy now seeks revenge. The Mummy comes complete with artifacts from his burial chambers and a cursed scroll.
  • Sea Creature – The prehistoric fish-man of legend. Quite possibly the last of his kind, this scaly-skinned amphibious humanoid dwells alone in the murky waters of the deep. The Sea Creature comes with a Sea Creature fossilized head and two different seaweed accessories that attach to his body.
  • Werewolf – Beware the full moon! When the moon is full and high, those who are ‘marked’ will turn into a wolf and hunt their prey. The Werewolf comes with the bloody bones of his fallen victims.



  • One (1) vampire bat (fits over Dracula’s head)
  • One (1) skullcap (fits onto Frankenstein’s Monster’s head)
  • One (1) Usekh collar
  • One (1) unraveled scroll
  • Two (2) Canopic jars
  • One (1) Uraeus
  • One (1) fossilized Sea Creature head
  • Two (2) seaweed fronds
  • One (1) human skull
  • One (1) tibia bone
  • One (1) fibula bone
  • Five (5) display bases

The Mezco’s Monsters line and 18″ Tower of Fear castle playset are available now for pre-order over at Mezco’s website ( and will ship between March and May of 2022.  Have fun!


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