Mercy Sparx comic in June

by Rob Caprilozzi

Devil's Due has provided us a synopsis of the new Mercy Sparx comic.

Mercy Sparx is Heaven's secret weapon — a devil girl secretly living among us as a human, hunting rogue angels who've fallen off the grid. When not fighting she's boozin' it up with her tech-genius, heavy metal roommate, Hank, coming up with amazing gadgets to take down the next divine target. What at first appears to be a simple mission unfolds into an epic divine battle finding Mercy at the epicenter. Fans were left hanging in 2009 when Mercy's sophomore series went on hiatus, but now she's back! Just keep your distance if a fight breaks out!

40 pages

Coming in June.

Written by Josh Blaylock
Art by Matt Merhoff,
Covers by Matt Merhoff and Elizabeth Torque

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