‘Meg 2’ Director Interested In Tackling Other Monster Pics

by Thomas Tuna

The prehistoric shark may have just been an appetizer.

Ben Wheatley–the man behind the camera for the recently released Meg 2: The Trench–was inspired by the classic Godzilla and King Kong films, and now he says he’d be open to helming a kaiju feature sometime in the future.

“I take a lot of influence from Jaws,” Wheatley recently told Screen Rant, “and I really love the ’70s Godzilla stuff and the current cycle of Godzilla movies.”

So, would he be interested in directing one of those monster flicks if the opportunity arose? “Yeah, of course,” he said. “That’s one of the great series of movies. They’re always good. Definitely, there’s unfinished business for me with giant monsters. I’ll definitely return to that if I’m allowed.”

In the meantime, Meg 2–the sequel to the successful 2018 creature feature–is in theaters now. Directed by Wheatley from a screenplay by Dean Georgaris and Jon Hoebler, the film stars the returning Jason Statham in another battle with a monstrous shark.

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